Over the years Willow Tree has seen many successful performers walk through its doors. Take a look at some of our students, who through Willow Tree classes went on to achieve great things. 


The following is a list of students and where they went to train after Willow Tree:




















Poppy Appleyard

  • Millennium Performing Arts


Matthew Browning

  • Urdang Academy 
  • London Studio Centre


Emily Chilcott

  • Performers College
  • Master Performing Arts College


Hannah Chilcott

  • Wilkes Academy


Tori Chilcott

  • Evolution Foundation College
  • Wilkes Academy


Meggan Cooke

  • Millennium Performing Arts


Sarah Jepps

  • Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts


Chloe-Rose Jones

  • Tiffany Theatre College


Kasey Priscott

  • Laines Theatre Arts