COVID-19 Procedures

COVID 19 Policy – Willow Tree Dance and Theatre Arts 2020
The recommendations listed within this document have been created in conjunction with guidelines provided by both the UK Government and the Department of Education.
These procedures will be in effect during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and will be adjusted as necessary.
Government guidelines suggest that children limit the amount of out of school settings that they attend in order to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.
How will parents/guardians drop children off.Parents/carers to drop off students at external door to specified classroom.
Students/parents will need to queue in a socially distanced manner during drop off and collection and should arrive within no more than 5 minutes of the class start time/finish.
Each class will be met and released by their class teacher at the same door. The only exception to this will be for children attending classes in the gym where they will drop off at the main doors and be collected at the double doors at the rear of the building.Access to the Willow Tree (WT) building will be staff, students and caretakers only. Unless by prior arrangement with the Company Directors. No parents/guardians/siblings to enter the school building unless accompanying a child under 5 years old or providing support to a child with additional needs.
If parents choose to wait for their child/children during class time they will need to remain outside the building.If your child is attending two or more back to back classes, you do not need to collect them between lessons. However, if there is a gap of longer than 15 minutes between sessions then the child should be collected and brought back in time for their next class.
Where this is not possible please speak to Kate or Vicki.
If your child has a fifteen minute gap between lessons they will be escorted by a member of staff to their next classroom.Students will be required to arrive ready in dance kit and bring dance shoes/water in a bag. Outdoor shoes will need to be removed at the door before entering the building. In order to minimise risk students will not be required to change their kit for separate genres of dance. i.e. they will remain in their chosen uniform for the duration of their classes.
In the classroomAll children will sanitise hands when entering and leaving the building. Hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser will be available.

Please bring as little as possible into the building. Possessions will be kept in a designated area within the classroom.

No jewellery to be worn in class.

Social distancing will be maintained in the building at all times and this will be enforced by all WT staff.

Toilets are available and strict hygiene will be maintained to ensure safety.

There will be a 15 minute turn around time to minimise the risk of groups meeting and to ensure classrooms can be sanitised after use.  
Lessons have been shortened to allow for this.

Staff will be required to wear a face covering or visor whilst teaching. Anyone 11 or over entering the refectory area or classrooms will be required to wear a face covering or visor.

Children who attend Singing, Musical Theatre and/or Drama lessons will also be required to wear a visor for these sessions and will need to provide this themselves.

Children aged 11 or over will be required to enter the classroom wearing a face covering, they can choose to wear a mask during class time if they wish to do so.

All children will be socially distanced within the class and their space will be marked on the floor.

Windows and external doors will be kept open wherever possible to allow for increased ventilation.

Footwear must be worn at all times whilst attending classes. Contemporary students can choose to wear non slip socks, ballet shoes or jazz shoes.

Students attending Stretch classes will need to provide their own yoga mat for these sessions

Under Fives

One Parent of children in our Ballet Tots class will be required to attend with their child. In Ballet Tots a parent will remain in the classroom, they will be required to wear a mask         and remain socially distanced from others in the room. The children will not be expected to socially distance during class. We feel that as there is no contact available with their class teacher, the children will need their parent for both assistance with props and placing as well as emotional support.

One parent of children in Pre Primary Ballet is able to attend the class if the child needs support however, all adults in the room will need to wear a face covering and remain socially distanced from the teacher, each other and any other children in the class.
We feel that Pre Primary students have the ability to dance without parental assistance. Therefore they will not be required to socially distance during their class time unless parent intervention is needed.

Further Information

Parents should be aware that any details required by NHS Track and Trace will be provided by Willow Tree should the need arise.

Parents/Carers must follow Government guidelines and only bring children to class if they are well and healthy.
Should a child become ill with COVID 19 symptoms whilst away from the setting they will be required to provide a negative test result in order to return to classes. If a child has a positive test they will need to remain away from class for two weeks.

Should a child become ill whilst at WT a member of our team will isolate them in a side room and ensure they receive the necessary first aid treatment whilst waiting to be collected from the building.

Any students that have been abroad on holiday will not be permitted to attend any classes at WT until two weeks after their return date.

Any breech of the social distancing rules will be logged and recorded. Where this is a recurring incident we may be required to remove the child/children from the class for safety reasons.
All communication will now be required to take place via email and any payments of fees/for dancewear will need to be paid via BACS. Please ensure payments are made within 14 days of receipt of the invoice to ensure your child/children retain their space within the class.

This Policy and our COVID 19 Risk Assessment will be available on our Facebook page and website.

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